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Ref. No.


The line include:


- Continuous vacuum filler for straight filling and portioning

- Machine features:

- All-in-one 350 l hopper with counter arm and reinforced scraper, tipping

aid and hopper lock

- Hopper inlet 100 mm diameter

- Integrated vacuum pump

- Standard double screw

- Standard double screw housing

- graphical display of all settings, functions and fault information on TFT

- colour screen

- program memory for 99 filling programs,

- portioning weights can be set from 1 to 99,999 grammes,

- coupling of auxiliary machines via remote control interface

- VEMAG DuoDrive with separate drive for double screw and feed:

double screw drive

- Infinitely controllable filling rate up to 25,000 kg/h (based on a double screw

with a 112 mm pitch)

- Socket for external supplementary equipment

- Whole machine frame in stainless steel with fold-out step

- Nominal output, total: 31 KW

VEMAG high-performance linking machine for identical lengths LPG 208 servo:

for natural, collagen and artificial casings

- For sausage calibers from 13 to 40 mm

- For sausage lengths from 20 mm to approx. 400 mm

- Nominal output, total: 6,0 KW

VEMAG cutting machine type TM 203

- in conjunction with LPG 208 Servo

- For sausages in natural, collagen and ARTIFICIAL casings

- Separate or cut fresh and finished straight sausages in groups of 2 to 50 sausages

- Shortest possible sausage length 40 mm

- Calibre 14 - 40 mm

- Cutting rate up to 1,200/min. as a function of sausage length and sausage calibre

- PC control for number of cuts, correction of cutting position

- Nominal output, total: 2.5 KW

Total VEMAG sausage line dimensions:

Length – 4800мм

Width – 1400мм

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