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NESTO LTD is supplier and purchaser of all types of quality new and used food processing and packaging machinery. We are specialized in buying, overhaul and selling used meat processing and packaging machinery, and we also offer machines applied in the dairy, bakery, canning industry, production of animal food.

With over many  years experience in the food industry our professional team has formed successful business relations with many of today's modern manufacturers.

Through this well established network of contacts we are able to provide fully reconditioned used machines, complete after-sales service by our qualified specialists and current modern equipment quickly and effectively to meet our customer's requirements and deadlines.

NESTO LTD has a vast amount of stock machinery. If you cannot find the machine that you want in our website, please contact us and we will offer it as soon as possible!

We offer a wide range of flexible and rigid films, with variable width and thickness (PA, PS, PE, PP, PET), for use with thermoforming machines, tray sealers,  flow-packs and others, which we configure with different parameters, depending on the client’ s wishes. We produce vacuum bags with variable size on request.