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VEMAG FSL 210 VEMAG FSL 210 Vemag portioning,linking and separating line for sausages Ref. № 2892 Details SCHRÖDER  LMK 750-2 SCHRÖDER LMK 750-2 Brine mixer with cooling system Ref. № 2700 Details WEBER KSG 470 WEBER KSG 470 Circular knife sharpening machine Details TIPPER TIE KDCni 90 TIPPER TIE KDCni 90 Semi-automatic clipper Ref. № 4269 Details TIPPER TIE DCM 90 TIPPER TIE DCM 90 Semi-automatic clipper Ref. № 2554 Details POLYCLIP PDC 600 POLYCLIP PDC 600 Semi-automatic double clipper Ref. № 2492 Details TIPPER TIE DC 4050 TIPPER TIE DC 4050 Semi-automatic double clipper Ref. № 2854 Details TIPPER TIE TECHNOPACK  KDC SV TIPPER TIE TECHNOPACK KDC SV Double clipper Ref. № 4239 Details TIPPER TIE TECHNOPACK KDCV A 200 TIPPER TIE TECHNOPACK KDCV A 200 Automatic double clipper Ref. № 3020 Details ALCO ASP 250 ALCO ASP 250 Flattener Ref. № 4186 Details TROLLEY FOR TRAYS TROLLEY FOR TRAYS Details KOPPENS VM 400 HD KOPPENS VM 400 HD Forming machine Ref. № 4175 Details ALCO ASP 600 ALCO ASP 600 Flattener Ref. № 4122 Details SMOKE TROLLEYS AND STICKS SMOKE TROLLEYS AND STICKS Smoke trolleys and sticks Details VERTICAL SCREW CONVEYOR VERTICAL SCREW CONVEYOR Vertical screw conveyor Details SCHRÖDER SP1000 SCHRÖDER SP1000 Ham press Ref. № 4024 Details BIZERBA FW98 BIZERBA FW98 Grinder Ref. № 4009 Details BIZERBA GS BIZERBA GS Weight control and labelling machine Details CASSEL METAL SHARK CASSEL METAL SHARK Metal detector Details SAFELINE SAFELINE Metal detector Details TREPKO PMG 2 TREPKO PMG 2 Forming and packing cubes machine (minced meat 200g, 220g) Details SCHRÖDER HAMAX 800 SCHRÖDER HAMAX 800 Whole muscle stuffer Ref. № 2243 Details CASSEL DSP 500x250 CASSEL DSP 500x250 Metal detector Ref. № 666 Details Sold ALCO ASP 600 HDI ALCO ASP 600 HDI Flattener Details Packaging materials Packaging materials Details Cleaning and desinfection materials for FESSMANN cooking-smoking installations Cleaning and desinfection materials for FESSMANN cooking-smoking installations Details Cutting tools Cutting tools Details Tote meat bin Tote meat bin 200 liters Details Cart Rolly Cart Rolly Transportation of standart boxes 400 х 600 mm Details
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We buy used machines
We buy used machines for meat processing, milk processing, confectionery and packaging machines